What gated communities are about

“.. A commissioned officer in the Navy accused me of misquoting him, I don’t think I did. If  I did, I apologized about it. You write a thousand, two thousand stories, it’s gonna happen”- Charlie Le Duff. So why does Charlie Le Duff  go tabloid on Canyon Lake? (http://mpcdot.com/forums/topic/5721-united-gates-of-america/).  Does he actually give a reason for doing his documentary other than to say that he did a documentary on gated communities? In his New York Times article, “A Beating in Detroit” Le Duff Quotes his grandparents as saying “AS Detroit burned to the ground on a hot summer night in July 1967, my grandparents stood on their front lawn listening to the sounds of our civic suicide. “Pa,” my grandmother is said to have said. “We’ve got to get out of this neighborhood. To which my grandfather replied, “How many of them can there be?” He goes on to say a few years later they moved. I wonder had they moved to a gated community would he have an issue with that and yes i am assuming he has an issue with gated communities. Wikipedia reports that Canyon Lake, “.. in 2005, there were 12 violent crimes and 136 property crimes reported; in 2006, 18 and 165, in 2010, 10 and 223..” this is not exactly zero crime.  It’s reported that Canyon Lake residents refer to their community as “a little bit of heaven”.  Maybe the heaven they are referring to is the ability to control their surroundings. Maybe control is what gated  communities are about and why they pop up even in the toughest cities. For the record, there are more than five gated communities in California. Inglewood, California has one right next to the Hollywood park race track and there’s another called Renaissance. No they aren’t as big as “17mile” located in riverside county,  but they are gated. The concept is really not new. Take the average apartment where there is security and you have to get buzzed in. Obviously these dwellings are not as insulated as London’s Bow Quarters or Bear Creek, CA. but they offer a level of peace that is acceptable to their residents. I’m not a gated community kind of person nor would i call myself a hood rat but i like the concept and no matter where you live you deserve to feel safe.  Le Duff’s grand folk’s ran to the suburbs and like anyone, they found a place they could economically afford. Athletes from poor neighborhoods suddenly get rich in sports. They don’t live in poor places, they move to gated communities, rich ones. I am not ready to say that everyone living in gated communities is a snob so what did we really learn from Le duff’s piece?   From the online news source NPR dated Feb 11th, 2013 in an article titled “An Autopsy of  Detroit Finds  Resilience In A Struggling City”, LeDuff says “There’s two rules to this whole game called journalism: Get it right and don’t be boring.” You would think that a man  dedicated to truth would not have a “collateral damage” attitude about a quote from a naval officer–or did i misquote him?

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