Ragan Whiteside Brings the Flute

The Black Women In Jazz Association’s Flutist of the year is a big supporter of public school arts programs. Grammy nominated keyboardist Patrice Rushen is on her new CD “Quantum Drive”.

B.Seed : Thank you ragan4_1Ragan for being on Brightseedblog. A Flutist, vocalist, and songwriter. “She not only has THE silkiest and sweetest flute tone in the business, but her tenacity and desire to be recognized in Urban, New-Soul AND smooth jazz genres makes her a musical force to be reckoned with!! Mark my words!” – Bob Baldwin. It sounds simple. So what is, in not too technical terms, a flute tone?

Ragan : The flute tone is the core quality of the sound that is achieved by the combination of the instrument and the musician playing it. Like all instruments Continue reading


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