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Ziggy Marley and King Swami at Farmers Market.

ziggy and king s.
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Huell Howser Tapes King Swami at the Farmers Market for his TV Show “California’s Gold” on KCET

swami and Howser 2

Actor Neal McDonough, (Jay Hamilton in “Walking Tall”, “Fletcher” in the Tom Cruise film “Minority Report” and “Dum Dum Dugan” in Captain America: The First Avenger, ABC’S “Desperate Housewives”, USA’S “Suits” and other shows), visits with King Swami at the Market.


Marquese Scott creates his dance/art by imitating the flow of nature and matter (i.e. how water flows, snow falls, and wind blows) to music. He has been featured on the front page news on, The Huffington Post, CBS News, Yahoo News,,, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Below is Marquese Scott in “EARNED IT”

Former Los Angeles city councilman 4th district Tom LaBonge hangs out with King Swami at Farmers market



Gast .. It’s Just Me !

One of the most exciting producers quickly emerging in Egypt’s electronic music scene is the dark and mysterious G├íst — CairoScene

B. Seed : Thanks for being on BrightSeedBlog  GAST. Your bio says you are 25 years old, a travel agent, and you are from Cairo. Is that your home? did you grow up there?

Gast : yes I grow up in Cairo and am 100% Egyptian.

B. Seed : Electronic music, ambient, you also mention IDM. Some people feel IDM is a derogatory term, do you?

Gast : Not at all. Continue reading

Audra Bryant, “Rendezvous”

Former producer at Americas Got Talent, Steve Harvey’s Big Time and The Tom Joyner Show, has a new cd.

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B.Seed : Thanks for being on Brightseedblog Audra, writer, producer, singer, actor, former member of the Mosaic Youth Theater. From former MYT member, singer Ebonique: “..its my structure, not to make music about minute things, but those that can touch and help”. Is this how you feel? Are any of today’s singers? a role model for you? encouragement for you?

Audra : I feel fulfilled when I Continue reading

Some “We Talk” with Matthew Shell

Visions of a Music Producer

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B. Seed : Thanks for being on brightseedblog. Matthew Shell, recording engineer, grandson of a famous math/computer scientist, featured twice on, and music producer. For those who don’t know, what exactly is a music producer?

MTS : To me, Quincy Jones is Continue reading

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