’s Dr. Lesley Scott

A Phd (economics) from Claremont College and years of style work give Lesley insight to future fashion trends. Read her interview.

unnamedB.Seed : Thanks for being on Bright Seed Blog Lesley, journalist, blogger, Merchandiser, professor, writer and curator. You have done a lot to “curate” your net spot called The site spent at least one period at the top of’s top mover section. As a writer you are featured at in what could be termed the “experts section” and being able to give answers where the business of fashion is concerned, is this the primary goal with your company? with you in general?

Lesley : Thank you so much for featuring me! I do appreciate it!

My primary goal with Fashiontribes has been changing over the past year or so. Last year, 2014, marked the 10th anniversary of my site and gave me pause for thought about the direction, editorially Continue reading


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