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Ziggy Marley and King Swami at Farmers Market.

ziggy and king s.
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Huell Howser Tapes King Swami at the Farmers Market for his TV Show “California’s Gold” on KCET

swami and Howser 2

Actor Neal McDonough, (Jay Hamilton in “Walking Tall”, “Fletcher” in the Tom Cruise film “Minority Report” and “Dum Dum Dugan” in Captain America: The First Avenger, ABC’S “Desperate Housewives”, USA’S “Suits” and other shows), visits with King Swami at the Market.


Marquese Scott creates his dance/art by imitating the flow of nature and matter (i.e. how water flows, snow falls, and wind blows) to music. He has been featured on the front page news on, The Huffington Post, CBS News, Yahoo News,,, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Below is Marquese Scott in “EARNED IT”

Former Los Angeles city councilman 4th district Tom LaBonge hangs out with King Swami at Farmers market



Jack Andraka, Saving Lives From Cancer

A high School sophmore created an inexpensive early detection test for Pancreatic Cancer – Until now less than 10% diagnosed survive because the cancer spreads before it is detected–expensive to test.

obamaobamaB.Seed : Thanks so much for being on our blog Jack. A Student, lecturer, research scientist. An inventor, specifically an inexpensive early detection test for Pancreatic (as well as ovarian and lung) Cancer. Wikipedia reports that “The disease occurs most often in the developed world, where about 70% of the new cases in 2012 originated”. Why do you think the most developed nations are most at risk?

Jack : A study published by the NIH explains that they were unable to completely explain the rise and fall of pancreatic cancer-related mortality in different parts of the world Continue reading

Author Journalist A’Lelia Bundles

The great-great-granddaughter of Madam C. J. Walker, Americas first female self-made millionaire, has a new book .. and lots to say.

alelia3B.Seed : Thanks for being on Bright seed blog A’Lelia, journalist, archiver, author, lecturer, and the great-great-granddaughter of Madam C. J. Walker, one of the nation’s first, if not the first, female self-made millionaire. You went to Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. You’re a trustee of the university. Why did you chose Columbia? What other schools, if any, did you consider? Continue reading’s Dr. Lesley Scott

A Phd (economics) from Claremont College and years of style work give Lesley insight to future fashion trends. Read her interview.

unnamedB.Seed : Thanks for being on Bright Seed Blog Lesley, journalist, blogger, Merchandiser, professor, writer and curator. You have done a lot to “curate” your net spot called The site spent at least one period at the top of’s top mover section. As a writer you are featured at in what could be termed the “experts section” and being able to give answers where the business of fashion is concerned, is this the primary goal with your company? with you in general?

Lesley : Thank you so much for featuring me! I do appreciate it!

My primary goal with Fashiontribes has been changing over the past year or so. Last year, 2014, marked the 10th anniversary of my site and gave me pause for thought about the direction, editorially Continue reading

LA’s Mike (Mike The Poet) Sonksen

An adjunct Professor at Southwest College and Woodbury University Mike Sonksen is acclaimed for mentoring young poets and writers.

mikesonksenaward2B.Seed : Thanks for being on bright seed blog Mike (shown here at the Beyond Baroque Awards Dinner), poet, teacher, author, tour guide, KCET columnist. As a journalist you have been featured in New York Times, LA Weekly, OC Weekly and The Los Angeles Times. You are known as Mike The Poet, not a bad name for a poet-I see you as that, but what’s also interesting is how you have positioned yourself. Your education, work and activities are interrelated so that they support/provide each other with opportunites. The columnist can write. The author can teach. As a tour guide you can speak on authors and the best places to hear poetry and so on. When was it in your mind to be a tour guide, in journalism, a poet, and the rest of the things you do?

Mike : The tour guiding happened on accident but ended being quite a blessing over the years. When I first graduated from UCLA in 1997, I wanted to get a job in writing but Continue reading

Author Naleighna Kai, Supermom

Illinois Press Women’s Association awards, NAACP Image Awards, New York Times and National Bestsellers, the résumé is huge for Naleighna and her clients. An interview you can’t miss.

B.Seed : kaiThanks for being on Bright Seed Blog Naleighna, writer, agent, editor, professional literary consultant and event organizer, CEO, marketing director and mother. You wear a lot of hats. From what I see you wear them well. How do you find the energy to do all the things you do?

Naleighna : Thanks for having me. Everyday I write out a things to do list. Every. Single. Day. Continue reading

Sweet Liberia, Lessons From The Coal Pot. A Book by Susan D. Peters.

An interview with Susan Peters about her life as an expatriate in Liberia, her award winning book and her career today.

B.Seed : Thanks forsusan being on bright seed blog Ahnydah, aka Susan, writer, poet, mother. I heard someone who was honoring Bishop Henry McNeil Turner say that god “.. is for the oppressed, or he’s not god at all ..” You made it your priority, once you assessed the need, to improve the life and integrity of the oppressed, the indigenous people of Liberia. Now that you have had some time back in America to live and grow with black folks, see how we think/act today, is your priority, your focus with regards to the disadvantaged still the same?

Ahnydah : Well first I would have to clarify my initial intentions. When I went to Liberia Continue reading

A Story of Faith and Love

Karen Williams first book explores the lifestyle and friendship of four women trying to live by their own rules in the city of angels.

B.Seed : ThanksK.R. Williams for being on Brightseedblog Karen. Your website bio characterizes you more or less as a writer waiting to happen; waiting and training for over twenty years. Is this right?

Karen : Yes. I became more interested in writing when I was in high school. Several teachers pushed me in that direction by saying I had a gift for story telling. I had written a number of things throughout the years but nothing was ever published until now. You can say I was waiting for the “right” story to Continue reading

Nariscis Lott, “Weepin’ Willa”

Her book is a collection of stories on her family, her relationships, living with Scoliosis and much much more. A must read interview.

B. Seed :wwilla Writer and author Nariscia Lott, thank you for being on bright seed blog. Your work, Weepin’ Willa; i say work cause even though you classify it as “short stories” and it is, there is so much more here than that. The title, “Weepin’ Willa”, the spelling. How did you come up with the title?

Nariscia : Writing “Weepin’ Willa…” was most definitely work! I chose to call it a collection of short stories because Continue reading

Meet Tony Haynes

Talking with a famous songwriter

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B. Seed : Thanks for being on Brightseedblog Tony. A lyricist, songwriter, poet, music publisher, producer & author. One can’t help but view your life as a really special journey that takes you through decades of some of the greatest music of our time, a trip that has allowed you to meet and work with legends of r&b, jazz, and rock. Are their times when you look back on your career and say “wow”?

T. Haynes : When I sit at home, sometimes and look around my living room at all the records, albums, pictures, etc… Continue reading

A chat with Amanda

Western author Amanda Brooks

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

Bright Seed : Thanks for being on brightseedblog Amanda. I know you have heard a couple of my tunes on Soundcloud … what did you think?

Amanda Brooks : DEEPER is GREAT!!! I LOVE the Mix of the Jazzy, Dream-Like Music Continue reading

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