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Techie talk on Soundcloud? Yes. I did some listening there today but it wasn’t my usual dig. My first visit was to hear a post of Tech blogger Mitch Joel. I browsed a couple of articles–stuff like Canada’s anti-spam law and the future of blogging.  I  found some good reading and i wanted to get more on him. Soundcloud is the music spot i listen to the most so it was interesting to hear a talk segment pushing the audio indicator. The show was good though listening to Mitch dialogue with the host on air is a bit more commercial than reading his posts. I have always been a desktop guy.  I’m slowly coming around to understanding the pads and phones even though i know a generation is rapidly advancing the technology of these things ,  leaving me with the feeling that i am way behind. But If  i am behind  i will catch up. And so should you if you need to. Our  projects would go a lot faster had we been into current mobile ideas five years ago. The app could be the turn of the century technology that people in the future reference when they speak of the “dawn of” a new tech age. That said, what did i get from his interview and articles? Inside all the stories and archives is a clear question. Will mainstream corporate media turn internet blogging into their own product thus eliminating the blogger? There are three ways i think they could do this:

1. Control the net by supporting laws that might limit bloggers access to the internet .
2. Economically and artistically do what internet bloggers do.
3. Buy, and therefore, gobble up these little internet guys ultimately leaving corporate as the main(if not the only) game in town.

Anyone under the sun can blog on the internet and be heard, appreciated, and paid. No college degree. No expensive workshops or job internships. No waiting for boss to give you THAT STORY. And most of all, no editing by corporate media. Would all the journalist and wannabe novelist, who have worked so hard in college for the “right to write”,  who are in debt with student loans until the next lifetime, be so very sad to see the death of internet bloggers? I don’t know what blogging has in store for me but i hope it is around,  popular and  free when i figure things out.

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