Parents, Children and alcohol .. Part 2

Tonight i am driving to a party with a friend. Neighbor gets an invite from the host and asks to ride with us. This was a tiki style party with a bar set up in the back where neighbor sat most of the night talking with people. Early on things were quite calm. When it was time to go home i could see that neighbor was fully drunk and wanted to hug everyone and on the way home she got a little frisky with my friend. The next day she apologized for anything she said or did that was “out of order”. Wine and beer is the choice at her backyard barbs where just about everyone will drink some.  Neighbor is upset. She and her son are not speaking and he and his wife are not at this picnic, a late afternoon short affair as the next day is a work day.  Neighbor asks me to pick up some wine for her and the visitors on the way there and i do. When i return from the store i walk to her house where a few guest have gathered. Neighbor offers more wine to everyone who is drinking. Her dog is sitting in a chair content, having licked almost everyone silly. She is hoping for a scrap of food to fall off the table or be delivered to her by hand, any hand. But it won’t come from neighbor’s hand. She is adamantly against people food for dogs. Second neighbor only feeds her dog  food from the groceries and now they won’t eat much else. Neighbor sings “i love you”  to her dog who immediately joins in with a howl. They are loud, very loud–in the front yard and across the street loud. Neighbor would do this more than once. I have a glass of wine but i switch to ice tea when the food is ready. The feast is good, it always is and everybody takes some home. This is not the end of the story .. more later.

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