King Swami … Videos By JWG

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

Aloha! King Swami all the way live coming to you from the Temecula, CA Farmers Market with my friend JWG. I first met him in the late 90′s while i was playing music in old town Pasadena. He was a photo student hanging out near Starbucks. His goal was to learn the art. He’d stop people and ask “can i take your picture?”, and to my surprise they almost always said yes. People would really connect with him and from watching i could see that you can go a long way with simplicity and sincerity. My music is pretty simple: peace, love and JA. When you do nobody wrong every day is a good. I play at many Farmers Markets in So. California. Glendale, Pasadena, Hollywood at Larchmont Village, Santa Monica, Westwood and Culver City. There are others too but i am always at Pasadena on Saturday morning and Larchmont Village on Sunday morning though i may take off some weekends. Also i do parties, i love to do kids parties and JWG has played with me many times.   All in all a nice day here.  Acoustic guitar, congas, harmonica, bucket drum (so the kids don’t break them), always tons of kids cause it’s a family show. Original music, birthday parties(adults too).

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

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