International Dance Council Suspends U.S. Voting Rights

Anah Sari .. Modern, Traditional Dance

The International Dance Council (CID UNESCO) has suspended the voting rights of the United States two years after the U.S. stopped paying their dues following Palestine’s admission as a CID member in 2011. Israel also suspended dues but they still fund some CID UNESCO projects and according to some sources they will resume paying dues soon. The US action is based on a 1994 law that bans government from supporting a U.N. affiliate that grants membership as a state to any entity that does not have the real attributes of a state. The goal is to prevent Palestinians from advancing toward statehood outside of a negotiated settlement with Israel. Critics of the law say it gives Palestine the ability to force us out of an organization if they choose to just by gaining membership to it. It seems that Israel is not too concerned about Palestine’s membership, why are we?

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