American Renascent Center needs your help.

Ty Johnson, CEO,  American Renascent Center :

American Renascent Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides  group meetings for adolescents, and adults with depression & bipolar disorders in  Northeast Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley,  and other communities.  We need your donation, especially computer equipment and office space. Your financial support will help fund our support groups . All donations are Tax deductible. jwggalleries helps support with media and web development but they run on volunteers so  help in this and other areas is always welcome. For more information contact Jimmie Carrillo at 1-323-868-7184.
Goals: To Partner with professionals,  patients,  families and communities to make a difference in the lives of those we can help.
MISSION: Our mission is to create and to provide affordable housing, counseling, higher education, rehabilitation, basic family needs and advocacy on behalf of the indigent and the people who suffer from depression and or bipolar disorders. We need your financial support to continue to reach everyone in need and to open creative avenues in dealing with mental disorders.

VALUES: Processing an Integrity that is uncompromising towards the health and welfare of all our peers,  family,  and friends.

RESPECT: We recognize the uniqueness of every individual and embrace all people in a way that affirms indivudial worth and dignity.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We take responsibility for providing the best services possible to our peers,  family,  friends and those whom we serve.

DEDICATION: American Renascent Center strives each day to improve our corporate efforts in creating outreach, networking, and partnering with those of the medical, ministerial, and business professions to bring empowerment to the indigent, depressed, and bipolar disorder patients we serve.

NOTHING changes unless SOMETHING changes.

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