Growing my Cilantro

The first edible plant in my garden was cilantro planted in late January. This is the desert and they are growing in an area where there is no direct sunlight and winters get in the low 30’s  on occasion but no snow. This is California after all. There is some indirect light bouncing off an adjacent wall but that’s it. I planted in dirt  covered with wood chips but no special soil. I’m told the chips keep moisture and  they look nice. My gardener just said water good for the first ten days. After that period i kept up the watering every other day. By now tiny leaves were sprouting from the soil. The shade actually helps to keep the ground moist. I actually began cutting it six weeks in. I cut just the leaves, most of the stems remained. Fast forwarding to April I have Cilantro like crazy. Chemical free and a nice flavor. Fast forward to late July.  Cilantro is no longer growing but i planted some squash three months earlier in about 25 places. There are many summer days around a hundred degrees and a few of those are in May.  Half of the squash plants grew and of those, another half wilted under the heat.  A couple of plants have grown very large with some flowers but no squash yet. Very disappointing.  Maybe the summer is just too intense here and squash that is normally grown in the summer may do well in the fall or even the winter–This is California after all.

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