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Ziggy Marley and King Swami at Farmers Market.

ziggy and king s.
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Huell Howser Tapes King Swami at the Farmers Market for his TV Show “California’s Gold” on KCET

swami and Howser 2

Actor Neal McDonough, (Jay Hamilton in “Walking Tall”, “Fletcher” in the Tom Cruise film “Minority Report” and “Dum Dum Dugan” in Captain America: The First Avenger, ABC’S “Desperate Housewives”, USA’S “Suits” and other shows), visits with King Swami at the Market.


Marquese Scott creates his dance/art by imitating the flow of nature and matter (i.e. how water flows, snow falls, and wind blows) to music. He has been featured on the front page news on, The Huffington Post, CBS News, Yahoo News,,, and the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Below is Marquese Scott in “EARNED IT”

Former Los Angeles city councilman 4th district Tom LaBonge hangs out with King Swami at Farmers market



Jack Andraka, Saving Lives From Cancer

A high School sophmore created an inexpensive early detection test for Pancreatic Cancer – Until now less than 10% diagnosed survive because the cancer spreads before it is detected–expensive to test.

obamaobamaB.Seed : Thanks so much for being on our blog Jack. A Student, lecturer, research scientist. An inventor, specifically an inexpensive early detection test for Pancreatic (as well as ovarian and lung) Cancer. Wikipedia reports that “The disease occurs most often in the developed world, where about 70% of the new cases in 2012 originated”. Why do you think the most developed nations are most at risk?

Jack : A study published by the NIH explains that they were unable to completely explain the rise and fall of pancreatic cancer-related mortality in different parts of the world Continue reading

Ragan Whiteside Brings the Flute

The Black Women In Jazz Association’s Flutist of the year is a big supporter of public school arts programs. Grammy nominated keyboardist Patrice Rushen is on her new CD “Quantum Drive”.

B.Seed : Thank you ragan4_1Ragan for being on Brightseedblog. A Flutist, vocalist, and songwriter. “She not only has THE silkiest and sweetest flute tone in the business, but her tenacity and desire to be recognized in Urban, New-Soul AND smooth jazz genres makes her a musical force to be reckoned with!! Mark my words!” – Bob Baldwin. It sounds simple. So what is, in not too technical terms, a flute tone?

Ragan : The flute tone is the core quality of the sound that is achieved by the combination of the instrument and the musician playing it. Like all instruments Continue reading

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