Gast .. It’s Just Me !

One of the most exciting producers quickly emerging in Egypt’s electronic music scene is the dark and mysterious Gást — CairoScene

B. Seed : Thanks for being on BrightSeedBlog  GAST. Your bio says you are 25 years old, a travel agent, and you are from Cairo. Is that your home? did you grow up there?

Gast : yes I grow up in Cairo and am 100% Egyptian.

B. Seed : Electronic music, ambient, you also mention IDM. Some people feel IDM is a derogatory term, do you?

Gast : Not at all.

IDM have been named by that because the music has alot of melodies and details that needs who’s listening to it focus too much to understand whats going on and AFX was one of the first artists who had created that type of music besides autechre and some of BOC works so i think its fine to be described as IDM so people understand what they are about to listen to.

B. Seed : I have heard a lot of ambient stuff; i’m sure you have too. There is something different about yours. Some say it’s dark but more than that. Outer limits, x-files. These shows come to mind when i listen to your music. Why is that?

Gast : Well most of times when I start making my sounds I consider myself in another dimension so I can get myself into the mood that am trying to reach mainly I get attracted to mastery situation that needs time to figure it out people that hard to work them out so in my dimension everything is like that everything most likely not clear.

B. Seed : You also refer to “dark or sad twist” as mandatory to your work. Is this a reflection of your life or lifestyle in some way? does your music say how your are feeling?

Gast : My music is pretty much taking out alot of feelings of me i consider it like inner music that you don’t like to share listening to it with your friends doesn’t make you happy or sad just makes you think and imaging. if they went to the same place that i was trying to reach that means I was so honest with my sounds when it comes to music i really like dark themes because simply the rotten of life and alot of around me is leading to that area i don’t see nature at all for example all am seeing around depressed people that doesn’t know what are they doing have no reason for living people seeking for money smoking comes out of cars everywhere so ya i would be fake if i went to another area with my music i guess.

B. Seed : Are you a painter or photographer? Tell me briefly, how does one build a digital synthesizer?

Gast : I know how to paint but i don’t consider myself as a painter off course my mood very swingy when it comes to painting , am not a photographer but maybe someday i see pictures like music it also needs alot of work to get the right image to reflect what it feels ,building a synthesizer needs loads of samples that you like how it sound and be able to change everything about its mainly digital trick and each sound of it responsible for a part of your mind that could makes you happy or sad and it takes alot of time.

B. Seed : I am listening to your music in headphones right now. Why is this the proper way to hear you?

Gast : First because when i produce them i do that using headphones so it is the best way to listen to it exactly like i do to get all the details and also it gets you better when you listen to it with headphone its like conversation between yourself and you don’t want someone to interrupt you.

B. Seed : What other artist do you like or listen to regularly? like any of my tunes?

Gast : I went through all types of music begging of jazz and tango till black metal and its keeps evolving so i don’t listen to any artist regularly but these days i listen to Autechre, James Holden, Flying Lotus, Nathan Fake, Gazpacho, the new album of BOC, Depeche mode, The Cure, Mayhem, 1349.

B. Seed : You characterize your music as having a “cold winter feel to it”. You also do not believe in love. Has love inconvenienced you in some way?

Gast : No not at all but am seeing love as a state of mind humans likes to buld relations with everything the pet that you have at your home, your friends your family even with yourself. A lot of them feels empty, there has to be another person to takes care of them, make them feels save(safe) makes them feel themselves which is something that you can do by yourself, just like drugs i guess, increasing something that you can produce by yourself.

B. Seed : What are your thoughts on Islam, Christianity, and Judaism if any?

Gast : I don’t believe in religions only Good and Bad. It’s very simple and that’s what religions (are) trying to say but people took it so far.

B. Seed : Ok, thanks for being here. Anything you would like to say to our visitors?

Gast : umm anything that you can imagine can be real all you need to do just sit think and imagine. Create goals for your life because life is a punch of goals and then you die.

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