Accountant, Jenny Duffy is also a Choreographer for the Canadian Football League’s B.C. Lions

The The University of British Columbia graduate may be Vancouver’s only dancing accountant. Read her interview.

B.Seed : JDuffyThanks for being on Bright Seed Blog Jenny, choreographer, dancer, cheerleader, teacher, accountant. You were very serious about acting back around 2004. You attended the William Davis Centre for Actors Study, i believe. Were you interested in doing that as a career? Has it helped you as a dancer/choreographer?

Jenny : I first fell in love with acting because I required Continue reading


Sweet Liberia, Lessons From The Coal Pot. A Book by Susan D. Peters.

An interview with Susan Peters about her life as an expatriate in Liberia, her award winning book and her career today.

B.Seed : Thanks forsusan being on bright seed blog Ahnydah, aka Susan, writer, poet, mother. I heard someone who was honoring Bishop Henry McNeil Turner say that god “.. is for the oppressed, or he’s not god at all ..” You made it your priority, once you assessed the need, to improve the life and integrity of the oppressed, the indigenous people of Liberia. Now that you have had some time back in America to live and grow with black folks, see how we think/act today, is your priority, your focus with regards to the disadvantaged still the same?

Ahnydah : Well first I would have to clarify my initial intentions. When I went to Liberia Continue reading

Gast .. It’s Just Me !

One of the most exciting producers quickly emerging in Egypt’s electronic music scene is the dark and mysterious Gást — CairoScene

B. Seed : Thanks for being on BrightSeedBlog  GAST. Your bio says you are 25 years old, a travel agent, and you are from Cairo. Is that your home? did you grow up there?

Gast : yes I grow up in Cairo and am 100% Egyptian.

B. Seed : Electronic music, ambient, you also mention IDM. Some people feel IDM is a derogatory term, do you?

Gast : Not at all. Continue reading

Maria Piedad, Ecuador’s Shinning Light

Working with The National Ballet of Ecuador, and The American Ballet Theatre fulfills childhood dreams.

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B.Seed : Thanks for being on Brightseedblog Maria. At the site “Jacchigua es Ecuador” in the short bio about Rafael Camino of the The National Folklore Ballet Jacchigua, it says: “In 1967 he watched how his classmates, Lechuguin Hidalgo and the brothers Icaza, performed as dancers of the Ballet of Patricia Aulestia, in a presentation at the local Rex Theater. He felt like jumping from his seat to the stage to dance Continue reading

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