A Story of Faith and Love

Karen Williams first book explores the lifestyle and friendship of four women trying to live by their own rules in the city of angels.

B.Seed : ThanksK.R. Williams for being on Brightseedblog Karen. Your website bio characterizes you more or less as a writer waiting to happen; waiting and training for over twenty years. Is this right?

Karen : Yes. I became more interested in writing when I was in high school. Several teachers pushed me in that direction by saying I had a gift for story telling. I had written a number of things throughout the years but nothing was ever published until now. You can say I was waiting for the “right” story to come spilling out of my soul onto paper. It took over twenty years.

B.Seed : You and Your sister, Monica i believe, have worked on documentaries that

focus mainly on drug addiction. How did this start? Does the subject have a special significance?

Karen : We have two documentaries that we are currently working on. The first, Little Darlings. This doc focuses on turbulent mother/daughter relationships. We felt the need to express to mothers how important it is to have a loving relationship with their daughters. If they don’t, the streets will. Our second doc, Burned Out Turned Out Smoked Out, focuses on the alarming rate of young people devulging in sherm/PCP. The reason why we were interested in documenting people who use this drug is because we remembered the effects of sherm on people in the 70’s. It was a terrible sight to see people high off PCP and running down the street naked oblivious to their surroundings or jumping off of roof tops. Those images were sheared into my adolescent mind! We couldn’t understand why SO MANY young people were experimenting with such a diabolical drug. The person who is the focal point of our documentary is near to our hearts. We’ve travelled down dark roads with her in order to capture a real, true and touching story. Both documentaries had been put on hold for personal and business reasons. We intend to fully complete Burned Out Turned Out Smoked out by next year and have it available to the general public.

B.Seed : Will your work focus primarily on relationships? Do you like action and adventure books?

Karen : I think most of my books will focus on relationships. Whether it is family, friends, marriages and etc. I believe I’d like to focus on “relationships” because everybody can relate to it. But who knows if I won’t take a stab at writing an action or adventure book.

B.Seed : “I’m a Christian On My Way To Hell”, i enjoyed it. It’s really thought-provoking. Is this a goal of yours in writing/publishing, to stimulate thought?

Karen : YES!!! I enjoy stimulating people’s mind. I want people to think outside of the box. When you are helped to think about things that never crossed your mind it can some times help you see things more clearer.

B.Seed : It is, I believe, your first book? Do/will you write any poetry?

Karen : No. LOL. At least I don’t have any plans in the near future to write poetry. Whenever I had a school assignment to write poetry I’d always freeze up. You can say I never really took to writing poetry. Honestly, I’m not really into poetry.

B.Seed : You credit LLPix, with your book cover. Was this a good experience? Did you communicate with owner Laura LaRoche directly?

Karen : I am totally ecstatic about the cover! I could not have asked for anything better. The cover is not what I expected! I thought it would be an okay cover but it is more than that. Actually, my ex-publisher found her and hired her to design my cover. All I did was give my ex-publisher a sketch of how I envisioned my book cover would look like and she passed it on to the Laura. The only time I had any contact with Laura is when I contacted her for information to give her credit.

B.Seed : The setting is Los Angeles. Is this your home town? born there?

Karen : Yes. I was born and raised in California.

B.Seed : The main characters, all women, have varying degrees of Christian faith, or lack of it, except for Lisa whose love for god is unwavering. Is there a connection? did you pattern her character after yourself?

Karen : Actually, I developed Lisa’s character with me and my sister, Monica, in mind. So yes, I have a strong connection to Lisa.

B.Seed : You’re on facebook, you’re well-respected there I would say. You have lots to say, especially to those you feel have “character flaws” You let them know exactly how you feel. This is important to you right?

Karen : Well, I don’t really speak directly to individuals. I basically speak in general. I say things that MOST people are thinking but might be too timid to express. It’s important to me to express how I feel about whatever is heavy on my heart. I realized throughout the years that you might not be too popular when you speak candidly, BUT, you will be respected for speaking the truth over watering things down.

B.Seed : You also give credit to “those used as “obstacles in my life”, for helping you be compassionate and forgiving. Are there instances where you simply cannot forgive someone?

Karen : WOW! Honestly there is no one in my life, past or present, whom I cannot forgive. Of course there might still be painful memories but there is nothing that was done to me that is worth holding onto unforgiveness. Bitterness will only stunt my growth.

B.Seed : So what’s next for Karen R. Williams in 2014?

Karen : I am currently working on two books and hopefully we will be able to FINALLY complete our documentary that is mentioned a few questions back. 2014 is kind of a mystery to me but I ALWAYS expect GOD’S awesome favor in my life.

B.Seed : Thanks again for taking the time to be with us. Anything you would like to say to our viewers?

Karen : King Swami you are very welcome:) I appreciate you extending this opportunity to connect to your followers. Again, I truly thank you for your support in buying my book and expressing such genuine sentiments about how my book has touched you. I will do my best to keep you and your viewers informed about my future endeavors. God bless you.

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