A Story of Faith and Love

Karen Williams first book explores the lifestyle and friendship of four women trying to live by their own rules in the city of angels.

B.Seed : ThanksK.R. Williams for being on Brightseedblog Karen. Your website bio characterizes you more or less as a writer waiting to happen; waiting and training for over twenty years. Is this right?

Karen : Yes. I became more interested in writing when I was in high school. Several teachers pushed me in that direction by saying I had a gift for story telling. I had written a number of things throughout the years but nothing was ever published until now. You can say I was waiting for the “right” story to Continue reading


Audra Bryant, “Rendezvous”

Former producer at Americas Got Talent, Steve Harvey’s Big Time and The Tom Joyner Show, has a new cd.

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B.Seed : Thanks for being on Brightseedblog Audra, writer, producer, singer, actor, former member of the Mosaic Youth Theater. From former MYT member, singer Ebonique: “..its my structure, not to make music about minute things, but those that can touch and help”. Is this how you feel? Are any of today’s singers? a role model for you? encouragement for you?

Audra : I feel fulfilled when I Continue reading

Nariscis Lott, “Weepin’ Willa”

Her book is a collection of stories on her family, her relationships, living with Scoliosis and much much more. A must read interview.

B. Seed :wwilla Writer and author Nariscia Lott, thank you for being on bright seed blog. Your work, Weepin’ Willa; i say work cause even though you classify it as “short stories” and it is, there is so much more here than that. The title, “Weepin’ Willa”, the spelling. How did you come up with the title?

Nariscia : Writing “Weepin’ Willa…” was most definitely work! I chose to call it a collection of short stories because Continue reading

Patrice Regnier’s Amazing “TERP”

National Dance Institute founder Jacques d’Amboise speaks with praise about the revolutionary TERP System.

Windows 8 users may need to go to full screen to see the video.

B. Seed : Thanks for being on brightseedblog Patrice. You went to the Juilliard school. Was there a specific reason you went there? What did you learn about choreography if anything?

Patrice : It is, in the majority opinion Continue reading

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