A chat with Amanda

Western author Amanda Brooks

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Bright Seed : Thanks for being on brightseedblog Amanda. I know you have heard a couple of my tunes on Soundcloud … what did you think?

Amanda Brooks : DEEPER is GREAT!!! I LOVE the Mix of the Jazzy, Dream-Like Music and the voice over the music in the Beginning. I LOVE the lyrics!!! Look at the stars in the cold sky. This reminds me of two of my Favorite singers EVER – Frances Ruffelle and Minnie Driver.

Bright Seed : Well i have all your books from your western romance series “Thunder Mountain Brides”, read a couple so far, really entertaining stuff Amanda, it was like being there. You are passionate about the old west, right?

Amanda Brooks : I LOVE Westerns!!! I don’t know why it took HIGH NOON to make me want to created THUNDER MOUNTAIN BRIDES. But I LOVE the characters, settings, and storylines that come with a Western – not to mention the costumes!!!

Bright Seed : I see that some of your characters are similar to people you know in some way, customers or something. Tell me about that.

Amanda Brooks : Some of my characters and plots are experiences I’ve had in my life – good and bad. For instance, Agnes is a lot like me in that she had major issues with religion – not religion per se, but the people and politics involved. And like in the film YOUNG ADULT with Charlize Theron, a sentence or something I overhear will end up in my book if it fits. Some characters are people in my past or present – exaggerated.

Bright Seed : Thunder Mountain Brides, “Hidden Secrets”, The first book of your series. The Story of Rachel Agnes Berezovsky. The ordeals of Agnes parallel that of Rosina da Silva, the character from the Sandra Goldbacher directed movie, The Governess, played by none other than Minnie Driver. Both escape an arranged marriage, both change their identity to hide something. This similarity is not by chance is it?

Amanda Brooks : Umm, Hidden Secrets-Agnes is not the first book in the Series. The order is The Outlaw Schoolteacher-Edith, Hidden Secrets-Agnes, The Devil and The Lord-Danny, and Forbidden Love-Marjorie. Yes, Agnes’ story was loosely based on Minnie Driver’s film. Both hide the fact that they’re Jewish due to tragedy. The only difference-Agnes gets a happy ending.

Bright Seed : Frances Ruffelle has a cameo appearance as a “rouged-up prostitute” in the 2012 film production of ‘Les Miserables’ Does that character have a parallel somewhere in your series? perhaps in “Outlaw Schoolteacher” as Saloon proprietress Madam Rose?

Amanda Brooks : Madame Rose/Julia modeled after Angelina Jolie – not Frances Ruffelle. I once wrote a book modeled after Frances, but no one will get to read it.

Bright Seed : Are you or i in the series somewhere?

Amanda Brooks : I am loosely the other model for Agnes in that I hated the restrictions and politics of religion. For awhile, I was ashamed of being a Christian.

Bright Seed : I like your website homepage with the old English text. Is the site your design?

Amanda Brooks : The website is very much my design.
Bright Seed : Groooovy !

Bright Seed : Ok, i see you’re involved with the Beachbody website. Are you looking to get “washboard abs”?

Amanda Brooks : I just quit Beachbody. It wasn’t doing a thing for me. I did it mostly for Money and certain products. But now that I sell my books, I don’t need Beachbody. I did it mostly to support the owner. I’m not that into it. I hate giving up certain vitamins, but-

Bright Seed : You mention people thought you should gain weight; how’s that worked out?

Amanda Brooks : I have gained weight. Only my Mom says something. At least people keep their damn mouths shut now!

Bright Seed : So what is the next series/project for Amanda Brooks, say within the next 2 years?

Amanda Brooks : It’s Amanda A. Brooks! My next series’ll be Brides Of Diablo-set in 1872 Diablo, Texas. It may be 15 or 16 books. I may have to narrow it down to 12, but I like the names I’ve chosen too much to delete some.

Bright Seed : Thank you so much for being here. Anything you would like to say to our visitors?

Amanda Brooks : Please check out my ten-book western romance series Thunder Mountain Brides by Amanda A. Brooks-1)The Outlaw Schoolteacher-Edith, Hidden Secrets-Agnes, The Devil and The Lord-Danny, and Forbidden Love-Marjorie are out now. You can buy them on amazon.com under Thunder Mountain Brides by Amanda A. Brooks.

Well that’s Amanda Brooks with me, on  Brightseedblog. She’s a super duper romance western writer in the Louie l’amor mode with a 2013 twist. Her books, are easy and fun to read; isn’t that what fiction reading should be about … fun?

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