The Best Musical Review Ever !

Serious grooves i found online. If a song doesn’t play, refresh your browser.

Marquese Scott masterfully mixes old and new school pop lock with liquid dub step in this classic MJ tune. Check out NONSTOP | MICHAEL JACKSON | THRILLER

In case you missed this at Soundcloud or my home page, here is my latest called The Arrival Of The Titans

Vitor Martins on flugelhorn in A Dabus by BongÔMusics.

Well I thought I had heard Galina’s best stuff – Guess not. Here’s one to think about called Of You

Neo-SoulFood’s blast from the past Adrianne Archie – Friends. Soul jazz fusion for the future.

With a classic remix, It’s your boy Dante ! Wake Up Everybody

Here is joY – her song Make the Best of What You Got nice horn, GREAT VOCALS !

Have a drink of this real mellow, jazzy smooth as you like song by “Deep Heads” called Stardust.

I’m diggin her song. Sylena Rai with Diggin On You.

Soul, with a contemporary message. Its Real ! We All Will Know done by Kindred The Family Soul feat. Raheem DeVaughn

Music from Ill Tempo called Born by brazen lanterns … Dope

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